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Media Production


At Arctic Expedition Service we worked with a variety of film and media production projects. We are hired to manage and coordinate all logistics, scout locations and share our local knowledge of the regions potential, and provide expert advice. We can provide specialized crew who perform a variety of tasks including: ensuring the safety for the film crews,  establishing/maintaining camps, cooking meals, assisting camera crews and more. Trust the locals with the important details for your production needs.

Carsten can assure the best service. As a photographer himself, he knows and understands the specifics of getting outstanding footage.



Establishing an Production Plan

- Mode of Transport (snow mobile, aircraft, watercraft)

- Campsites, Basecamp

- Danger Evaluation (Weather, Ice conditions, Animals) 

- Researching land ownership in the intended area of operation

- Obtaining required permits

- Hiring local support


- Fuel depots

- Air support

- Emergency Plan

- Equipment



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