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Bear Awareness Training - Staying Safe In Bear Country

Bears are intelligent and fascinating animals. People and bears have been interacting for thousands of years. Studying how bears interact with one another can teach us much about how they avoid or resolve conflicts.  

Basing the human/bear relationship more on understanding than on fear has helped people move and work safely while in bear territory.

This bear awareness training is intended for everybody whose duties or recreation take them into bear country. The bear awareness safety course will teach you the basics of bear safety.


Course Overview

The Bear Awareness Program should be the minimum level of training provided to everybody who venture into bear habitats.


The 4 hour, academic and active program is designed to provide bear awareness training to everyone who plans on travelling into bear country.


Course Content

- Distinguish the different bear species

- Basic bear behavior

- Bear stress and warning signs

- The use of avoidance techniques as a first line of defense

- What to do if you encounter a bear

- Bear spray and firearms

- Bear myths, discussing false and misleading information 

- Camping in bear habitat

- Participants will actively practice role play scenarios

 - Video reviews of real bear encounters

An 8 hour course is available, the course content is more comprehensive than the 4 hour course and goes into more detail it also touches on other wildlife such as moose and wolves.

Courses are held in Fairbanks, AK and Seattle, WA

*Courses in different locations on request*

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